The Perfect Bite

The Perfect Bite

The Perfect Bite The Perfect Bite

About Us


Our Mission

To Make the Most Amazing and Complex Hot Sauces, that start with the natural flavor of the Fresh Chile Peppers, no extracts.

We try to source our chilies from Local farms and Purveyors whenever possible.


Only the Freshest Ingredients

All of our sauces are handmade. 

We hand pick every pepper that goes into our sauces. 

Minimal cooking and processing means better flavor.

We don't strain the solids out of our sauces, so you get a bit of Bite with your Bite!


All Natural. Preservative Free. Hot Sauces with Attitude!

Only Citrus Juices and Vinegars, Salt or Sugar EVER to preserve our Bounty!

We never use filler vegetables or thickeners. 

All you get is what should go into the Best tasting, Most complex sauces you'll find out there!

Markets, Fairs, Festivals and Expos.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic all events that we have signed up for have been cancelled or postponed. Stay Safe everyone and
Stay tuned to see when we can all finally get back out and Get Naked! 🤭  

Naked Hot Sauces together 🌶🌶🌶 

No upcoming events.

About Us


Our Story

I started creating hot sauces with an incredible bounty of chilies a few seasons ago...

With an amazing assortment of fresh chilies at my disposal and a pretty large group of Chile Heads to play as my guinea pigs, so to speak. They loved all of my many creations and I carefully polished them into saleable products with their feedback.

The first one I bottled was Garden Variety, named for the Variety of chilies I had to work with that went into the creation of this amazing pepper sauce, that was truly great on Anything.

And that’s how Naked Hot Sauces began...

Fast forward a few years and here we are with a few standards and an assortment of Limited Editions created from nothing but Chile peppers and vinegars and pasteurized citrus juices, along with minimal spices and salt.


Our Mission

Locally Made. In NH. 

Locally sourced.  From NH. Whenever possible. 

All Natural. 

Preservative Free. 

Hot Sauces with Attitude. 



Jeff Prince, Epping, NH

David Desrosiers, Fremont, NH

David Desrosiers, Fremont, NH

It was my first time getting Naked this weekend and it will not be my last. I plan on getting Naked as much as possible! The Cider Apple Thai Chili is highly recommended! Love me some Naked! 😁

David Desrosiers, Fremont, NH

David Desrosiers, Fremont, NH

David Desrosiers, Fremont, NH

We bought the Long Hot Relish from the Newmarket Farmers Market this past weekend. It is absolutely amazing. We are very happy that we happened upon the Naked Hot Sauce both. We will be needing more soon!

Darrin M. Rochester, NH

David Desrosiers, Fremont, NH

Darrin M. Rochester, NH

“I have had an opportunity to sample and enjoy all of the sauces I bought, and they are fantastic. The heat has authority and the flavor and freshness is a welcome addition to my dynamic incendiary condiment collection. Your products really stand out“

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